There is so much going on in our country and our world at this time
that stirs up a cauldron of feelings within each of us!
There’s … the changes to our climate,
the chaos in our politics and election process,
the spread of the corona virus,
the stock market crashing …
and more.

It helps to remember:
some of those feelings are here and now feelings
in response to the outer events of today.
And although those feelings are real feelings about
real crises in the world around us …
This is the tip of the iceberg.

Most of those feelings in the cauldron, however –
perhaps the deepest, most intense, most raw ones –
are already in us …
still living within us from long, long ago in our lives as children.
It is those early feelings deep beneath the tip of the iceberg
that have been triggered by the current events.

The Triggers
This is the message that complements Judith's blog post on the same topic:

But they don’t always have a direct correlation to the here and now trigger.
For example, the young feeling of not having enough love can be triggered by
the current feeling of not having enough rain,
not having enough votes,
not having enough supplies for a possible quarantine,
and not having enough money in a market crash.

When this happens, we can believe we are responding as an adult,
while really we have regressed, and
it is the young child we were long, long ago
who is actually driving our thoughts, feelings, behavior –
our efforts to respond to the crisis today.
This means our current day responses are distorted,
since they are the responses of a child, not a true adult.

If we are to respond to the here and now events
in the best way possible, in the healthiest way possible …
we need to find which earlier feelings have been triggered,
work with them and work through them,
utilizing them for growth and healing to the root.
This will help us to better respond today
from a truly matured place,
from the inside out.

If you need help finding, exploring and working with your triggered feelings,
contact me. This is part of what I am honored and blessed to help people do …
every day.

Thanks and many blessings . . .


Doing what I love – helping people heal –
together we work to heal past trauma
and prevent future trauma …
individually and communally.

© Judith Barr, 2020.

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