Money is Not the Root of All Evil:
Money Is a Window to Our Ancient Trauma

Money Matters

Recently a group asked me to help them learn about
their relationships with money.
The workshop was profound, powerful, enlightening, emotional, and enriching . . .
beyond what they had imagined.
And it inspired me to continue to bring my
understandings and work with money further out into our world.

If we’re going to grow our consciousness,
then we need to grow our consciousness about
our relationships with money.

Money Relationships

Very few of us know the real roots of
our relationships with money.
Even fewer of us have a sense of
how our individual relationships with money impact
us, our family, our children,
our organization, state, country, and global community.

No matter how much money we have – or don’t have . . .
Every single day we live with the effects on us of
our relationships with money.

At some times of year it’s more communally obvious.
Among them, the holidays, leading up to tax time, and
when there’s a downturn in the stock market.
At other times it’s more personally noticeable.
Like when it’s time to pay bills, make a big purchase,
pay for an emergency,
make choices for our children, for our future, and more . . .

Any time at all, our relationships with money are primal
beyond our wildest imaginations . . .
younger than we can even conceive . . . on our own.
Most of the time our relationships with money
are not about money at all,
but rather about something else from our childhood.
Any time at all, our relationships with money can lead us
to profound clues for our deepest healing from early
abandonment, neglect, abuse, grief, trauma . . .

Money Impacts

If you are wondering about the impact of your relationship with
money on yourself and your family . . .
If you are curious, or even called to explore to find the roots
of your relationship with money . . .
Imagine this:
While you think you are a grown-up earning money, saving money, investing money,
buying things, paying bills . . .
it is actually the child within you who is doing these things.
The impact of this: you turn something serious and crucial to your well-being
into a game.
A game that impacts you, a game that impacts those close to you,
a game that impacts our country and our world.

Money Healing

Doing what I love – helping people heal –
I discovered how profoundly we need help
with our relationship with money.
I discovered the art of healing our relationship with money
in ways deeper than most of us can fathom.
Through this work, I’ve seen people reap benefits –
inner and outer, financial and in other areas of their lives.

I’d love to help you with your relationship with money
so you can find the richness that lives beneath your
consciousness, and open to a wealth of possibilities
you aren’t yet aware of.
I also work with financial professionals and
other therapists in behalf of their clients.


Let Me Help

I can help you . . .

  • find the clues and utilize them to solve the mystery of your relationship with money.
  • discover the treasure deep within yourself that can help you transform your relationship with money.
  • claim the riches within yourself to guide your path with money and your life.

I can help you in individual sessions – single consultations, a consultation series, or more intensive, long-term work; couples sessions; or groups. I can offer your group or organization a talk, a workshop, or a webinar. I’d also be delighted to explore assisting financial professionals and other therapists in behalf of their clients.

If you would like my help in any of these formats or others we might explore, please contact me.