About Me

My name is Judith Barr

As long as I can remember . . .
I have cared about people’s suffering.
I have cared about people’s feelings.
I have cared about people’s needs.
I have cared about people’s well-being.
I have cared about people’s safety.
And I have cared about people’s dreams.
I’ve always wanted to understand people better . . .
Why they feel what they feel.
Why they think what they think.
Why they do what they do.
I’ve always wanted to know people better . . .

And ever since the beginning of time, it seems,
I have wanted to help people.
Individual people close to me.
Individual people whose paths crossed mine.
Individuals across the globe.
And the community of people we form as inhabitants
Of our planet Earth.

For so very long I’ve known that . . .
Life is a kaleidoscope of feelings . . .
All different colors, shapes, combinations, patterns.
And that those who think otherwise are deluding themselves.
Life is a cauldron of feelings . . .
Pain is part of life.
So is joy, sorrow, hurt, anger, fear, and many, many other feelings.
To be fully alive is not to be just happy.
Rather it is to free yourself to feel safe to feel all feelings in the cauldron.
And to know which feelings are those to follow to healing and
Which are those to act upon.

Some pain is part of being alive.
Some pain is the consequence of having been wounded and perhaps traumatized.
If we don’t have help with the pain of wounding it gets buried, becomes suffering,
ends up expanding and even creating suffering in our lives and the lives of those around us.

In a partnership that I hold sacred . . .
In a partnership to which I have an unwavering commitment . . .
I attune to the people with whom I work,
Offering perhaps a new imprint of partnership.
I help people build the capacity to organically find, dissolve, and transform their defenses,
While also building the capacity to feel the feelings their defenses were holding at bay . . .
All in the service of helping them go through the suffering once caused by their wounding,
Move through the suffering caused by their burying the wounding . . .
Free their ability to feel the once buried feelings
And so also their ability to feel fully in their life today and tomorrow.
Freeing their ability to find and be their essential, core self . . .
Bringing the gift of who they really are into their lives and the life of our world.

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Judith Barr has helped me to explore and heal areas in my inner-landscape where I had been stuck. She had a depth and inner wisdom allowing her to hone in on what is truly the root issue from early childhood and to communicate the truth of it in a compassionate and open-hearted manner such that I could hear without being defended. The depth of Judith's presence has allowed me to feel safe enough to explore where I needed to.  In a group setting I have witnessed Judith speak in such a way that every person could personally relate to what was being presented and every person felt she was speaking and connected only to them.  I whole-heartedly recommend Judith for anyone looking to do their deep inner-work for healing what's holding them back from living life to the fullest.


IT Project Manager

Judith Barr is a teacher and therapist of the highest caliber with an ability to gently reach into the tender inner world of her students and clients allowing them to feel into their inner life and safely explore and bring to awareness experiences and feelings that have been tucked away. As a participant in a recent money workshop with Judith, I began to understand on a much deeper level what my relationship with money is and how that relationship is a product of having transferred my early relationships with my parents onto my relationship with money.  Understanding this brings feelings from your unconscious into your awareness where you can then process and heal your self and reach your greatest potential.


Interfaith Minister & Licensed Psychoanalyst


Judith is a gifted and conscious healer who brings to her work a big heart, a clear and focused mind, and great awareness & care to the therapeutic relationship. An engaging and thought provoking speaker, Judith offers profound wisdom and deep insight into how our past experiences and early decisions can shape lives, for better and for worse, and without grandiosity, how therapy can change the world. As an advocate for therapists becoming conscious of their use of power, Judith "walks the talk" - her therapy work demonstrates her clear sense of ethics, selflessness, and sensitivity to the power differential. Judith is one of those rare therapists with the experience and skill to safely guide a person into the abyss and back again, achieving great healing and change.


Executive Director of GoodTherapy.org