Let Me Teach You . . . Let Me Teach You . . .

JudithBarr_184-as_lo-resOffered in my capacity as a teacher about the therapeutic/healing process and about people’s impact on each other and our world, this opportunity is for lay people and professionals – in person and long distance.

Life is filled with uncertainty and mystery. So is the healing journey. I have found that teaching people what is possible to teach can help them go through the experience of their journey with an understanding that will help them better hold the uncertainty and even the mystery.  Both in person and long distance, I can help people understand and apply to their experience concepts such as commitment, transference, the maze, escape hatches, and more.  This teaching can help someone prepare to enter therapy, or take a deeper step into their healing journey. It can also help therapists prepare their clients as they enter therapy, or help them take a deeper step in their process.  People have told me that this teaching informs, intrigues, and inspires them . . . whatever stage in their life and their healing journey.

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