Feminine Mysteries Feminine Mysteries

Where are the women? The women are invisible! And everyone’s afraid of the power of a woman who has come to her Self. Even the woman herself.

Yet unless a woman comes to her Self, she cannot possibly dance with a partner. She cannot possibly help her children come to their Selves. She cannot possibly fulfill her potential for her own life and the life of our world.

Our world desperately needs women who have come to their Selves, have reconnected with their deepest truth, have begun to live in a way that honors and follows the Feminine way. Our world desperately needs women with a developed Feminine voice, heart, body, mind, and soul. It is this woman who will help serve as midwife in the rebirth of individuals, families, communities, and in the rebirth of our world.

For many years, I have helped women discover and come home to the Feminine within themselves, through such workshops as “The Goddess Has Many Faces,” “Healing Our Wounded Sexuality,” “Transformation Mysteries: The Magic of Menstruation And The Magic of Menopause,” and “The Dark Moon”; through my audio cassette “The Call of My Blood Mysteries” and my audio cassette series “The Spoken Word on Behalf of The Feminine”; and through ceremonies of passage into the various phases of life.

If you are interested in bringing one of my “Feminine Mysteries” workshops or ceremonies into your group or organization, please contact me to explore the possibilities.

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