How Did We Get Here?
Our Refusal to Know the Truth About Ourselves

Blowing the Whistle on Us –
For the Trauma We’ve Experienced and the Trauma We Create

So many of us ask ourselves in these times, “How did we get here?”

Sadly, when most of us try to respond to this difficult question, our answers barely scratch the surface. Few of us – far too few of us – try to go deep enough to see even the barest roots of why our lives, our countries, and our world are in the condition they’re in.

People have all sorts of explanations for how we got here – nationally and globally.

It’s financial. It’s political. It’s patriarchal. It’s prejudicial. It’s misogynistic. It’s abuse. And more.

Each viewpoint can be discussed and seem to explain the cause from a valid standpoint.

Yet … they are all accounts at or near the surface. No matter how long we have believed the explanations … no matter how deep they appear to go … none of them reaches the roots of the way in which we got here. None of them even alludes to the reality that there are root causes deep beneath each explanation. And none of them even hints at the central reality that underlies all the explanations.

So … how did we get here?

In our adult lives, whether we realize it or not, we re-enact again and again the wounding we experienced as children. These re-enactments affect us, those close to us, our country, and our world.

Imagine if everyone made the commitment to explore and heal those roots in themselves!

Find out more and be part of the healing.

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