Trauma Calling To Be Healed

Some of the deepest, most powerful, most tender, most transformational healing work I do with people is the healing of trauma from long, long ago. I often talk about this as helping people heal their wounds. That’s the delicate way to say it. In these times, though, it feels important not to be so delicate and to name it what it is: “trauma.”


Look at your life, the life of those around you, the life of those who lead in our country and our world. . .

Why do they act the way they do?
Why do they behave the way they do?
Why do they think the way they do?
Why do they feel the way they do?
Why do they claim all the power?
Why do they claim they have no power?
Why do they refuse to utilize the power they have for true goodness.
Why do they pretend they are using their power for goodness, but use goodness as a guise for the harm they are doing?


It’s because something happened to them in their childhood . . .
they experienced some trauma . . .
abandonment, abuse, neglect, grief . . .
Some trauma that they are acting out in their lives and our lives in the world today.

Trauma does not go underground and stay there – even if we, as children, reflexively try to push it underground because it’s too much for a little one to tolerate.

Trauma comes back out into our worlds unconsciously, signaling to us that healing is needed.
And if we don’t honor the signal, if we don’t do the healing, the trauma we’ve pushed underground creates more trauma from its underground caverns and tunnels.


Trauma in our bodies – structural and organic changes that create pain and illness.

Trauma in our hearts – emotional pain that creates unhealed heartbreak, and at times even heart disease.

Trauma in our minds – beliefs, decisions, and distorted, maze-like thoughts that we think are true and accurate, but are not.

Trauma in our souls – defenses against the memory and pain of the trauma – including defenses that seem functional or even successful – block our connection with our souls and with the divine spark within us.

Trauma in our relationships – fear of more trauma in our relationships that causes us to run away from relationships, draw the same kinds of traumatic relationships into our lives again and again, act out the part of the one creating the trauma as a defense against being the one hurt yet again . . .

Trauma in our world – everyone of us who was traumatized long ago is unconsciously contributing to the state of our world and to the more and more obvious trauma in our world. If we are going to help end the trauma in our world, we will need to heal the trauma we, ourselves, have been through. And if we heal the trauma we have experienced, we will as a positive consequence, also help heal the trauma in our world.

This healing is a sacred calling . . .
This healing is a sacred act . . .
This healing is a sacred need – in our minds, bodies, hearts, and souls – and in our world.

Let me help you heal from your ancient trauma.