Sacred Circle Group Sacred Circle Group

A once-monthly group specifically designed for women. This group work is in addition to individual work and is not considered a replacement. It is deeply meaningful to those who make a commitment to their inner work and a commitment to this group as a part of their healing work. The women who commit create a consistency, develop a trust with each other, with their journey, with the healing process, and with me that deepens with each group session.

Safety is a passion for me.  The way I lead a group reflects that passion. Participants work one at a time in the center of the group . . . diving deep from here and now to times long ago, to find the roots of their difficulties in the current time, to find the ancient wounds and heal them.  The members of the group serve both as fair witnesses to the woman in the center, and also work silently within as they allow themselves to be touched by the work being done in the center of the group.

This creates safety, realness, and connection very different from other groups, and a deep understanding of the roots of their own and each other’s life challenges, dreams, potentials.

Please contact me if you would like more information or to make an appointment.