Workshops Workshops

I am available to lead a workshop or present on a healing theme for your group or organization by request.   

I have given workshops and conceptual/experiential presentations, both live and in teleconferences, both professional and for the general public. Over the years this has included well known centers such as Rowe Conference Center and Omega Institute; university programs, including Women’s Studies Programs; financial planning study groups and conferences; professional therapeutic association meetings and conferences; the offices of individual practitioners; and

Among the most popular themes I have offered:

  • Healing Your Relationship with Power
  • A Recession Regression — Healing Your Relationship with Money
  • Healing Your Relationship with Food
  • Mom, Dad, and The Divine — Healing Your Relationship with The Divine
  • Transference: A Treasure in Disguise
  • Commitment: Where Has It Gone?
  • Surrender: What Does It Really Mean?
  • Conscious Activism from The Inside Out

I have a passion for safety both in individual sessions and in the workshops I lead. For this reason, I structure my workshops to create as much safety as possible. This helps create an environment in which people can open up to the depths and the healing for which they are ready. As a result, people have told me that each workshop I lead is in truth, quite deep and profound.

Please contact me if you would like:
— to learn more about how to bring one of my workshops – these or another – to your group or organization,
— to arrange a session or series of sessions with me to address these themes individually.