1. A response:
    That’s one way to look at it.
    Here’s another . . .

    What is happening in the world is the result of people transferring onto money something or someone related to their own early unmet needs . . . without even being aware they are doing so. And therefore without the desire or ability to turn inward and explore what money really symbolizes for them, and how distorted their relationship with money is.

    To add to that, we have a quick fix norm in our world. People have been trained – and have cooperated – to look for and settle for band aids and quick fixes. And money has so often been used as a band aid. . . to push away feelings people do not want to feel. The combination of people’s addiction to quick fixes and their lack of awareness about the transference onto money puts us in a painful situation.

    The only real solution . . . the only sustainable solution is . . . for each of us to part ways with quick fixes and to say ‘yes’ to the real healing. For each of us to commit to explore what we are transferring onto money and to follow through with the healing work.

    In other words, the symptoms of disease that we are experiencing can be looked at as a wake-up call to heal the disease at its very root . . . the place in each of us where our relationship with money needs to be healed, where our relationship with power needs to be healed, where the wounds from our own childhoods need to be healed.

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