Healing Bullying to The Root:
A Unique Approach to a Painful Epidemic
(for Psychotherapists and Healing Arts Professionals – NBCC)

5 students

Bullying. Do we really know what it is? Or how rampant bullying is in our world? Do we have any idea how much we have normalized bullying all over our earth? Do we know what we need to do to heal bullying?

Participants in this course will read and answer questions that help them explore more deeply the tragedy of bullying: from its roots deep within each of us, to the tragic consequences of not healing our “inner bully,” to the vast transformation that is possible when we explore and heal the bully within.

Through the text in this course, by psychotherapist and author Judith Barr, participants will learn about how truly pervasive bullying is in our society and our world; where bullying is truly rooted; why we can never seem to create sustainable outer solutions to bullying; the consequences of our fear of feeling – powerlessness in particular – and how that fear contributes to the epidemic of bullying; what we can do to help our children in the face of bullying; and how exploring our own “inner bully” can help us heal the painful epidemic of bullying in our world.

Taking this course will help therapists learn about bullying up close and personally through their own minds, hearts, and experiences . . . an important way through which they develop more deeply their ability to help clients. Therapists who participate in this course will also learn ways to help their clients recognize, explore and heal their own inner bully. In addition, taking this course will help therapists learn how helping their clients dissolve their defenses and build the capacity to truly feel their own painful feelings – past and present – will help to heal bullying in not only their clients’ lives, but also in our communities and our world.


Judith Barr has been a depth psychotherapist in private practice since 1975, now practices in Brookfield, Connecticut, and has earned an M.S. in Counseling and licensure as a Mental Health Counselor in Florida, New York, and Connecticut. She has published a life-changing book, Power Abused, Power Healed, as well as an audio series, The Spoken Word on Behalf of the Feminine, and dozens of articles for both professionals and the general public. Judith offers her healing expertise in an array of formats, including working with individuals, groups, workshops, and consultations. In addition to this she offers training and supervision programs for healing arts professionals. Through her numerous speaking engagements, her radio, TV and print interviews, her blog, PoliPsych, and her teleconferences, Judith touches lives, teaching and inspiring us to live from the inside-out.

Judith is also an affiliate of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), and a member of The Financial Therapy Association and The Nazrudin Project. Judith has been offering individual and workshop sessions, ―Healing Your Relationship with Money,‖ for many years. Her clients attend, the public attends, psychotherapists attend, and even financial professionals have attended (accountants, bankers, insurance professionals, and financial advisors). A number of NAPFA planners have brought Judith to their local study groups and have witnessed the importance both of working with the deep level of relationship and
of facing the feelings within us. One of the planners even said afterward that he had learned more about the participant’s relationship with money in the previous half hour than he is ordinarily able to do in six months.