When I was a little girl, I knew people had really distorted relationships with money.
I couldn’t have put it into those words then …
ut I knew it in my bones, my heart, and my soul.

It became obvious at certain times, in certain ways.
One of the most obvious was the holidays.
It was like people went berserk with their money and their gifts.
They went out of control in ways they didn’t seem to ordinarily.

As I grew up and then became a therapist,
I saw this behavior more and more, including with clients.
They would ask me to help them with their holiday spending,
and then they would fight against my help with all their might.

We're in a Trance About Money -- During the Holidays and Every Day
This is the message that complements Judith's blog post on the same topic: https://judithbarr.com/2019/12/06/were-in-a-trance-about-money/

Out of this was birthed my work to help people
heal their relationships with money to the root.

This year as I witness people going through their holiday “journeys,”
I’m seeing an additional perspective through an additional lens.

Individually, it seems that people are in a trance
they don’t even know they’re in.
A trance they don’t seem to want to have pierced
A trance they don’t seem to want to have revealed to them.

For example, a woman wants to come work on the fights she
and her partner are having about money.
They are wealthy people and have just become richer still.
They buy holiday gifts for people that most people would consider extravagant.
But they don’t see it that way.
And …
she doesn’t want to do therapy unless their insurance will pay for it.

She can’t even see the reality of her distorted relationship with
money through the example I’ve just given.
The distortion that she would pay limitless amounts of money
for things, but little or nothing for healing.
She is in such a disconnected trance!

People who aren’t wealthy have their own distorted relationships with
money …
and their own trances, as well.

The trance exists individually, in couples, in families, and …
communally, too.
Greta Thunberg named the communal/global version publicly
at the UN Climate Summit … in her own way:

“People are suffering. People are dying.
Entire ecosystems are collapsing.
We’re in the beginning of a mass extinction.
And all you can talk about is money!
And fairy tales of eternal economic growth!”

A 16-year old young woman is telling world leaders that
they are in a trance and it is causing disaster beyond what they
are willing to admit, or even know.

She poignantly tells them:
“You are still not mature enough to tell it like it is.”

I don’t know exactly what she had in mind and heart
when she said the truth of that.
I know that the roots of our relationships with money
are found in our childhoods.
In hidden places, unimaginable experiences and memories, and
are acted out in distorted ways.  These roots need to be brought
out of unmatured trance states and into grown up, here-and-now
grounded awareness for healing.

What about you?
Are you in a trance state in relationship to money?
A trance that you don’t want to know, see, pierce?
A trance state that you’re resisting healing?
A trance state that affects your personal life and the life of our world, as well? 

Are you in a trance state in relation to money?
A trance your unmatured self does not want to heal?
A trance your soul longs for you to heal?

 It’s time to wake up.
Come out of that trance.
Get the help to heal your relationship with money and its impact to the root…
It’s time to respond to your soul’s calling.

© Judith Barr, 2019.