A Therapist Reflects on
The Use and Abuse of Power
Part 1

CE Credit:

  • Unlike Judith’s other courses, this 3 part series does not have a “credit option”

Audit Option:

  • This course is available to both professionals and lay people with only a “no credit audit” option

Course Abstract:

Participants will read and answer questions about a series of ten articles to help explore their own relationships with power – on a personal and professional level – and that of clients. Participants will learn about a variety of ways in which power is abused in public and private life, and how current events can be utilized as a mirror of one’s self to heal one’s own relationship with power. Through examples from current life events explored in the articles, participants will recognize how their childhood experience affects their emotions and behaviors and those of their clients. They will also begin to comprehend the impact that the individual’s relationship with power has on our world, and how healing one’s own individual relationship with power can help to heal the misuse and abuse of power globally.

Course Objectives:

    1. Name ways in which relationships with power are formed, particularly the relationship between feelings and early decisions.
    2. Identify ways in which living in a quick-fix society with quick-fix therapies – as opposed to healing to the root – has an impact on the healing process.
    3. Identify consequences of our fear and repression of feelings – on a personal and a communal level.
    4. List examples of how the concept of “the leader reflects the people” can affect healing on both individual and global levels.
    5. Identify differences between “here-and-now” feeling responses to current events and feeling reactions to similar events from childhood.
    6. Explain how current life choices, like our vote in an election, can be influenced by past wounds.