A Therapist Reflects on
The Use and Abuse of Power
Part 3

CE Credit:

  • Unlike Judith’s other courses, this 3 part series does not have a “credit option”

Audit Option:

  • This course is available to both professionals and lay people with only a “no credit audit” option

Course Abstract:

Participants will read and answer questions about a series of twelve articles, to help them more deeply explore their own relationships with power – on a personal and professional level – and that of clients. Topics covered in this course include the roots of feelings about the holidays; how childhood wounds affect our view and experience of love; the roots of misogyny; the roots of our feelings about tax day, and more. Through examples from current events explored in the articles, participants will recognize how their childhood experience affects their emotions and behaviors and those of their clients. They will also begin to comprehend the impact that the individual’s relationship with power has on our world, and how healing one’s own individual relationship with power can help heal the misuse and abuse of power globally.

Course Objectives:

    1. Identify how our childhood experiences can affect the way we feel about various aspects of our daily life, such as holidays, love, tax time, menstruation, and elections.
    2. Define the true meaning of “commitment” and explain how our past experiences affect our ability to make a real commitment.
    3. Name the roots of misogyny in our world.
    4. Identify the real roots of bullying in our lives and in our world.
    5. Define “early decision” and explain how early decisions impact our everyday life.
    6. Describe examples of how our own individual wounding can affect our nation and our world, and why healing our inner wounds is the most sure way of effecting sustainable change and progress.